KIP AutoCAD and Windows Print Drivers

Use these drivers to print or print-to-file AutoCAD files for our KIP series of printers.

Java Runtime Environment

Java is required to view plan plan sheets and drawings on the ePlanroom.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is necessary to view Bid Invites and many other files on the ePlanroom

FileZilla FTP Utility

Although you can use your web browser's built-in FTP support, it is very flakey for ftp sites that require passwords or have content that changes frequently. It is highly recommended you use a standalone FTP client, and FileZilla is the best one that is free, and can be run without installing anything (the .zip version).

Zip file archiving

Zip is a way of compressing your files and bundling them together. We kindly request files sent through our upload utility are zipped. (you may use any software to do so, see instructions below for your computer type)

AutoDesk Design Review

Autodesk's AutoCAD and its related products have become a standard in Architectural and Construction design. Use AutoDesk Design Review to view, print, measure & markup DWG and DWF files on your computer without AutoCAD.

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