Keen on Green


We believe all the little green things we do add up to a great big green difference we can make in our community and our world.

  • It starts with our online ePlanroom that allows projects to be viewed online so clients can decide whether or not they need prints. Paper and fuel are also saved through our electronic bid change notifications, removing the need for printing and shipping updated paper addendums.
  • When we print plans and specs, we offer recycled paper as an option for clients who wish to use it, and we deliver with our new Ford Transit Connect vehicles, rated best in its class for fuel economy.
  • We recycle all plans and spec books that are returned for distribution projects that have finished bidding.


  • Donating media roll tubes, excess paper and foam core scraps to local art schools, high schools and non-profit children's organizations gives us the chance to recycle while giving back to our community. Damaged paper rolls are recycled in-house by our Graphics Department as packaging for posters and banners.
  • Our entire line of KIP printers are 100% toner efficient, producing zero excess toner left over to pollute the environment.
  • We make deliveries with our new 2010 Ford Transit Connect vehicles that were voted "Best in Class" for fuel economy.


Its about being the best steward we can be of the resources that belong to Repro Graphics, to Indiana, and to our own community. - Jill & Brian Hall